We still see color

Colorstock announces its closure on 3.31.18

Colorstock’s closure

Colorstock launched the first diverse stock photo marketplace in 2015 in an effort to change the hue of stock photos. We dared to say that #WeSeeColor the same way that our counterparts at Shestocktransformed the narrative for women in stock photos.

Colorstock showcased emerging photographers who took a chance on an upstart. We highlighted everyday folks — not models — in our images in an effort to showcase cultural intelligence. We received requests for images ranging from people of color in the workforce to children growing community gardens. If an authentic viewpoint was needed, we fielded the request. Brands used our images to help get out the vote, register children for STEM classes, and market their diversity efforts.

We were the answer to the question: “why don’t I see people that look like me in stock photos?” We are so proud of the work we showcased, the photographers who joined ‘The Collective,’ and the brands that purchased our images. However, it is now our time to say farewell. Colorstock will cease operations on March 31, 2018.

Our story doesn’t stop here. Our founder, Jenifer Daniels, will continue to advocate for creators of color and investment in their abilities. Imagery must be inclusive. Imagery must reflect the current state of society. Images must be viewed from the lens of the creator. Images must tell stories of authenticity. Images must be diverse because we are diverse.

Thank you to everyone that believed in our purpose and supported the photographers by purchasing their creative works. You can continue to support their efforts and the efforts of diversity in visual storytelling using the open-source WoCInTech stock photo gallery or via the growing free collection at Unsplash.

*updated on 10/23/2020 to reflect The Noun Project’s announcement of free and affordable diverse stock photos.


i invest in Detroit’s people, places, and purpose. i founded Colorstock, the first diverse stock photo marketplace (sunset 3.2018). #DetroitHumanCapital

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